Trial Flying Lessons

Thinking of starting your journey to getting a pilot’s licence? Do you want to take to the air and find out about the National Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL)?

Whatever reason you have for wanting a trial flying lesson, our flying school set in the stunning Hampshire countryside is where to start. Experience the freedom of flight, spend time talking to an instructor and get to know our friendly, grassroots flying school for your first flying lesson.

You will be able to soak up the atmosphere first hand, experience the aviation life at the wonderful Popham airfield and take to the skies for 1 or 2 hours with our friendly and passionate flight team.

Operation Eagle (1-hour trial flying lesson) – £149.00 

Take your first step into flying with a one-hour trial flight in Hampshire. Operation Eagle is the perfect option if you are looking for a taste of starting to fly. After a short safety briefing, you will climb into one of our C42 aircraft, taking off and completing the first few exercises of the pilot’s licence syllabus.

Maximum passenger weight must not exceed 90kg (14.5 stones) fully clothed.

Operation Falcon (2-hour trial flying lesson) – £299.00

Take longer in the air and experience a land-away. With the Operation Falcon package, you can experience a comprehensive flight including instruction on your first few official flying lessons, which go toward earning your NPPL (National Private Pilot’s Licence) in one of our comfortable, reliable and competent C42 aircraft, plus a landing on the Isle of Wight. Allowing you time to spend with an instructor to ask all the questions you want while you enjoy a coffee or tea and a bite to eat before returning to Popham airfield.

Maximum passenger weight must not exceed 90kg (14.5 stones) fully clothed.

Join the UK’s most popular flying school and begin your flight training the right way. Friendly atmosphere with our patient and experienced instructors at a flying school that can boast over 40 years of flight training excellence. Once you qualify as a pilot, our membership and hire fees offer fantastic value for money. Our excellent online booking system makes hiring aircraft easy and simple. In addition, we can provide all the equipment you need. We have classrooms for ground school, briefing rooms, and a one-of-a-kind C42 simulator for when the weather isn’t flyable.

Start your journey today with a 1 or 2-hour trial flying lesson in Hampshire and get started on your path to becoming a private pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions about trial flights

What is a trial flight?

A trial flight is usually a flying lesson or air experience lasting between 20 minutes and several hours. You can experience everything flying has to offer, treat it as an actual flying lesson or simply enjoy the flight!

What will you do on your trial flying lesson?

Your professional flight your instructor will start by explaining the aircraft and the rough agenda depending on how long your experience is for. You'll take-off and head off to the local area. You'll see some stunning scenery, have a go at flying the aeroplane yourself and get the opportunity to take lots of photos.

Where will you go on your flight?

If you have booked an hour, you will remain within the local Hampshire countryside. You'll have some freedom to ask where to fly too. If you have booked a 2 hour session you'll be flown to another airfield for a drink and snack. Along the way you can try your hand at flying the aircraft, talk to the instructor about learning to fly and what's involved as well as enjoying the scenary.

Can I bring family?

Absolutely! They can't join you in the aircraft but they are most welcome at the airfield to watch you depart and arrive. There is an excellent cafe on-site with plenty of outdoor space and ample parking too. There's plenty to watch while you're off enjoying the flying!

Can we get something to eat and drink?

Yes! We offer machine coffee at the school but there's also an excellent cafe on-site serving hot and cold food and drinks between 10am and 4pm most days of the week. You can find out more by visiting the Popham website.

Can I take photos on my flight?

The more the better! You will have plenty of time to take as many photos as you like. From take-off to landing and even the obligatory 'Top Gun' style photos on the ground alongside the aircraft. We'll make sure you take as many as you like.

What aeroplane will I be flying?

Our fleet of aircraft are very carefully and professionally maintained at Popham. We fly the Comco Ikarus C42 fixed wing microlight. A fantastically reliable aeroplane with a short take off and landing distance that flies relatively slowly. So you have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery!

What if I feel sick in the air?

Give your instructor the head's up that you may feel ill before the flight and they will do everything they can to be as smooth as possible. If however, you feel unwell during the flight there are sick bags available and your instructor will immediately start making their way back to the airfield.

What about the weather?

We'll let you know on the day if the weather is no good for flying and re-arrange your trial flying lesson. However, we have strict limitations in which we can fly but only really if it is too windy, raining or low visibility that means we can't get you off the ground.

Can I have a go at flying the aircraft?

Of course! If you feel comfortable doing so, your instructor will give you the chance to try flying the aeroplane. He or she will teach you about the controls, the instruments and demonstrate how to fly before letting you have a go.