New Year resolution: Start learning to fly

Post Lockdown Trial Flying Lesson

Right now, flying may seem like a distant dream for most of us, but rest assured, this will not last forever and I for one am remaining optimistic about getting our feet off the ground once more.

It is of course a new year – Happy New Year! A new year usually means new resolutions, new plans, new ideas, and new intentions. Flying should be one of them.

If starting flying is bouncing around in your mind don’t let the lockdown dash your hopes and aspirations.

Perhaps not right away, but once we get the thumbs up, we will be open again providing first class, cloud hopping experiences once more.

How can you start flying?

You can start flying by purchasing a trial flight. This is a redeemable trial flight voucher that you can purchase online and use within the next 12 months at AirBourne Aviation flying school.

This is a cost-effective way to experience fixed-wing microlight flying without making any big commitment.

You will be able to enjoy a whole flying experience, get time to talk to the instructor, and be able to fly the aircraft yourself. Yes, hands-on, you at the controls.

Your trained, friendly, and eager instructor will show you everything you need to know and will be more than happy to discuss the next steps and what is involved in getting you from where you are now to being a fully qualified pilot.

We are confident you will walk away completely hooked and be even closer to starting on your journey to becoming a pilot and aerial adventurer!

Trial flying lesson in Hampshire onboard a C42 Ikarus

What can I expect on my first flight?

When you arrive at our flying club in Hampshire, you will be warmly welcomed into our front office where there will be a short briefing, the issuing of PPE (masks and gloves, you are welcome to bring your own) and you can, of course, grab a cup of ‘probably the best coffee’ on Popham airfield.

Once you have completed our ground briefing, the instructor will take you for a tour of the aircraft.

The reliable and noble Ikarus C42.

Ikarus C42 fixed wing microlight

You will be shown around the outside and the inside of the aircraft and those friends and family who come with you are welcome to join.

With the tour completed, you will be strapped into the aircraft by the instructor and he will join you on the opposite side.

You will be sat in the ‘pilot’s seat’ for a true experience of what it is like to be at the controls.

Our instructor will explain all the controls, the instruments, and explain what will happen throughout start-up, taxi, and take off.

Landed at Charlton Park

With the engine started, radio calls complete our pilot will take you and the aircraft off to the runway where you” go up up and away!

Once in the air and away from the airfield our pilot will explain unique features of the local area from the air and depending on weather, traffic, and other factors may be able to fly off in a direction of your choosing.

During your time in the air, you will be flying anywhere between 1,500 feet and 4,000 feet above the ground with what is, simply the best view of the country.

Taking off from runway 03

You are of course free to take photos, enjoy the view, ask questions, and immerse yourself in the unique and privileged experience that is flying.

Our pilot will then return you comfortably back onto the ground and back to the front office where you will be met by your accompanying entourage for the obligatory ‘Top Gun’ style photos inside and outside of your AirBourne chariot.

Young lady taking a trial flying lesson

It promises to be an unforgettable experience and one hell of a way to celebrate the release from lockdown!

Can I book a flight now?

Of course! Simply visit our trial lesson page, purchase a flight length of your choice and you will receive a digital copy of your trial flight voucher.

Once we have the green light to start flying once again, we will be in touch to let you know that you can go ahead and book a time and date of your choice.

We will confirm that with you – then we will see you there!

How do I know when you will be available for trial flights?

Whether you are ready to purchase a trial flight now or not, you can keep an eye on our flying school website and our flying club blog for more news and information about when we are flying again.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay at home and we look forward to seeing you and the clear skies very soon!