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Come and Learn to Fly with the south of England’s longest-running, trusted and premier flight school – AirBourne Aviation Ltd. We have been teaching pilots since 1980 and offer full in-house NPPL training, including all your exams, which is the cheapest way to get your wings and has the shortest training requirement, but it does come with restrictions. As the name suggests, it is a national licence and is only valid for VFR flights within the UK. There are reciprocal arrangements with some EU countries to allow you to fly within their airspace but not all. In addition, the maximum weight of a student pilot training for the NPPL must not exceed 95kg fully clothed, and you must be at least 14 years old to undergo flight training or take an introductory flight with us.

AirBourne Aviation - Learn to Fly

Unlike some flight schools, we are open and transparent about your training costs, which you will find below with VAT included.!! We do not offer so-called ‘package deals’ that claim an amazing ‘all in price’ but only if you pay several thousand pounds upfront. Far too often, these ‘deals’ do not offer value for money and result in students paying additional hidden costs by underestimating the training time required and charging ‘Top Up’ fees at super-premium rates. These offers, many of which do not include VAT in the advertised price, must serve as a red flag and should be avoided. Never hand over large sums of cash for flight training without a written guarantee that you will get your money back if you decide not to complete your training, the company goes out of business, or things do not work out for you with your chosen school. Make sure you ask and understand what additional fees will be charged such as VAT, membership, landing fees and fuel surcharges.?

As you progress with your flying at AirBourne Aviation, you will receive an exclusive C42 – 100 and 500 hours pilot wings to recognise your flight achievements.

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NPPL (National Private Pilot Licence) Training Costs

£153.00 per flight hour* (Time in the Air) – Flying with an Instructor – Including VAT

*We only charge you for the time the aircraft is in the air. Each aircraft is fitted with a meter that records the time it is flying. Unlike others, we do not charge you when the engine starts or when the brakes are released. We only charge you for the time you spend flying in the sky. So, if you fly for 45 minutes, we only charge you for 45 mins.! WE DO NOT ROUND UP FLIGHT TIME TO THE NEAREST HOUR. There are no hidden costs for landing fee’s, taxi time or fuel surcharges.

AirBourne Aviation Ikarus C42

All our flight training is conducted using a fleet of five Comco Ikarus C42a aircraft. The minimum licence requirement is 25 hours of flight training. In addition, to be granted a Pilots Licence, you must complete five exams and pass a General Skills Test (GST). All training, examinations and Skills Test are conducted in-house at our Popham Airfield school. Detailed requirements can be found via the CAA NPPL document CAP804 here.

Training Costs - Learn to Fly

If you would like to discuss the options for gaining your wings, or to have a look around our school, please drop in for chat or give us a call.

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