Introducing Light Sport Microlights

Light Sport Microlight category

For the past couple of years, the UK microlight world has been awash with news of a big incoming change – the move to 600kg MTOW (maximum take-off weight) limit.

This year, we finally saw that happen with legislation completed just 3 months ago and a new weight limit being permitted for up to 600kg.

We’ve been seeing lots of manufacturers getting onboard with the new limitations including Eurofox and Skyranger (to name just two) who now offer new microlight aircraft for the 600kg limit.

However, Flyer have recently announced that the BMAA have now issued the first 3 permits for a new category of aircraft called Light Sport Microlights, or LSM.

Basically, they thought it was too confusing to continue to refer to these new 450kg to 600kg microlights as such and that they required a new name. Enter the new category of Light Sport Microlights.

To help avoid unnecessary delays while the new design code (BCAR Section S) is agreed the BMAA Technical Office took a much more sensible approach. By utilising their existing design codes together with working closely with suppliers they have managed to issue the new permits much more quickly.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear about these sensible decisions being made rather than waiting for all the red-tape to be plastered everywhere.

You can read about the BMAA’s announcement here for the new LSM category.

Plus, you can read the LSM permit press release here.

Finally, if you want to read about the CAA’s legislative changes for the new 600kg category you can find that in CAP2163.

Disclaimer: This article was written for information and entertainment only and was up to date at the time of writing. Please always ask a qualified instructor for more information and discuss airfield, aircraft operations and the use of aircraft equipment with a suitably qualified person.