Interesting air strips to visit this year

Landing at West Tisted airfield

The best thing about fixed Microlights is that they can fly in and out of nearly anywhere. That’s not something you can do with a Cessna 182 or a Piper PA28! I love farm strip flying and with the summer just around the corner, now is a great time to take a look at the different places to explore this year and make the most of what remains of 2020.

There are loads of places on the south coast to slip into and we’ve added a few really good ones below with some great videos from online YouTubers (no affiliation to AirBourne Aviation, placed here for your entertainment) and my own trips. We’ve also added as much information as we can to give you all the information you need to plan a flight into these great places. Please remember to do your usual, thorough flight planning of course!

Mapping images are from SkyDemon air navigation software.

West Tisted Airfield

Not far from Popham, this strip is narrow but long! There’s a hanger with a wide quiet area tucked away in the trees on the north side of the runway. The runway is very well kept and reasonably smooth with clearly cut taxiways. Lovely little strip with an approach that takes you low over fields full of crops. No fuel or facilities, leave your landing fee (£4 last time I was there) in a box at the back of the hanger. You’ll need to get PPR on 07836 243727.

West Tisted Skydemon

Landing at West Tisted airfield
Landing at West Tisted airfield

Brown Shutters Farm

A quaint, short airfield between Bath and Frome in the west. Another approach over fields into a short(ish) runway of 420m and 460m. Online PPR is required. Plenty of pubs nearby and cafe/shop across the road. A landing fee of £5 covers tea and biscuits! Website for more information available too.

Brown Shuters Farm on SkyDemon

To get a better idea, watch Ben Atkinson land at Brown Shutters Farm:

You can find Ben’s excellent videos on YouTube as well as see more of his great content on Instagram.

Charlton Park

Depending on the runway, this is an amazing approach, floating past a historic manor house into its back garden, really quite something! The estate belongs to the Earl of Suffolk and it is him from which you will need PPR! More information including PPR phone number and more available at Airfield Cards.

Oaksey Park approach
Approach to Charlton Park from Ben Atkinson

SkyDemon map showing Charlton Park airfield

Another video from Ben Atkinson, visiting Charlton Park:

Colemore Common

A stone’s throw away from West Tisted is this very small and challenging airfield with a runway of just 410m. Power lines lay to the East meaning you need to keep a good lookout. The airfield is very well maintained, PPR can be obtained from 07799 171519 and there is a website with more information available which covers a few more local airfields too. The landing fee is £3 and there are some refreshments available with an honesty box. Very quiet, secluded, and a great place to have some peace and quiet.

Landing at Colemore Comman airfield
Landing at Colemore Common airfield in 2019 in YR while doing an afternoon of ‘farm strip hopping’!

Colemore Common map on SkyDemon

Oaksey Park

Another interesting one to fly into, apparently, extremely well-maintained airfield. The staff are friendly, there’s an honesty box for tea and coffee, pub nearby and there’s fuel available too. Although I’ve not been before, it absolutely one on my list for this year. PPR must be obtained and the information is available on the website.

A video below from ‘Lets Go Flying‘ which starts on his approach to Oaksey Park.

Clench Common

Finally, we have Clench Common. As an AirBourne pilot, you may already be very familiar with this challenging and friendly little gem in Wiltshire. It has two grass runways, one of just under 400m and one at just over 440m. There’s a lovely little clubhouse at the end of runway 15. Landing fees are £5, watch out for the noise abatement area to the north and east, there are drinks and snacks available and a very friendly radio service. You can get PPR online via the website. Definitely, one to go to if you haven’t already. If you already have, like me, it’s certainly time to visit again!

Clench Common final approach
One of my practice cross-country trips – Clench Common final approach into runway 07

Clench Common map on SkyDemon

Thanks to both Ben Atkinson and Let’s Go Flying, please do take some time to look at their content.

Disclaimer: This article was written for information only and was up to date at the time of writing. Please always ask a qualified instructor for more information and discuss airfield operations and the use of aircraft equipment with a suitably qualified person.