Do you have questions about learning to fly with us? Check out the commonly asked questions on flying lessons with Airbourne Aviation below.

How much do flying lessons cost?

Each hour of flight training costs just £153.00, and you only pay for the time spent in the air, unlike other schools, we do not charge you for taxying time or landing fees, so you just pay for your time flying the aircraft. You can find out about our prices on our ‘learn to fly’ page here.

Can I learn to fly on weekends?

Absolutely! However, Popham is a busy flying club, so weekdays are less active in the air but we’re open 364 days a year including weekends. You can fly at any time of the day during daylight hours, and we only charge £145.50ph whatever time you choose to fly.

Are your instructor’s patient?

Not only have our instructors been through the learning process they have an excellent understanding of learning to fly and a passion for teaching future pilots. We understand that everyone is different, learn differently and at different speeds. We are happy to try different approaches and talk to you specifically about your training needs. We make every effort to help you get through your training safely, quickly and within your budget.

How do I pay for my flying lessons?

All our fees are payable after your lesson; we don’t accept or offer forward payment for training, so we operate on a ‘pay as you go’ basis helping to make your training costs affordable and financially more comfortable. We accept cash, debit and credit cards but not cheques.

I don’t have much time, can I still learn to fly?

Of course! We have students who gain their licence quickly and some take a little longer. We can provide advice and guidance, but ultimately you choose when you want to have a lesson. We recommend doing at least 4 hours a month if you wish to progress quickly but you can fly as often or as little as you desire.

What aircraft can I fly when I complete my licence?

You’ll be learning to fly in our fleet of four modern Ikarus C42 three-axis microlight aircraft.

Do you provide ground training?

Yes, we provide full ground school training on request. However, every lesson in the NPPL syllabus contains ‘ground school briefings which are classroom-based activities. We give these briefings as part of your flight training and can arrange further ‘one to one’ additional briefings at your request.

What are the facilities like at Popham airfield?

Popham airfield is a popular destination for pilots and family visitors who like to watch the aircraft coming and going. We have an onsite cafe open daily serving hot and cold food, hot beverages and a good-sized seating area. There is a further outdoor seating when the weather is warm to enjoy the many movements around the airfield. On-site toilets are provided together with plenty of free visitor parking.

What if I prefer another instructor?

We will always match you with the best instructor for your needs, but we understand that sometimes having a different instructor may help you if things are not working. We have an excellent team of instructors for you to choose from should you wish to try a different approach.

Do you provide any equipment for flying lessons?

Yes! We have everything you will need available to purchase in our office shop, including pens, protractors, flight computers, study books, pilot’s logbooks, and more. In addition, on completing your first solo flight, you will receive the coveted golden Ikarus ‘Pilot Wings’ badge, something desired by students from other training schools but unique to Airbourne Aviation students. Our pilots continue to wear their pilot solo wings with pride long after gaining their licence.