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FREE Kneeboard Back Sheet for Pilots

Popham Runway 26

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

For pilots, this is a FREE downloadable and editable word document which you can print off and add to your kneeboard. It contains lots of useful bits of information handy to have close by, especially when flying in the local area of Popham (remember the download is editable, so please feel free to customise as you wish).

Within the document you will find:

  • Black and white, printer friendly A4 sheet containing the kneeboard back sheet (at the correct size)
  • A script for completing radar service requests with LARS and similar
  • 7 local radio frequencies with appropriate listening squawks
  • Quick guide to adjusting squelch
  • Quick guide to monitoring second frequency
  • Speed and distance card for quick calculations
Downloadable and editable kneeboard back sheet for pilots
What the kneeboard back sheet looks like

Where do I put it?

Well, anywhere in your kneeboard really. However, I personally have it sitting behind the plastic sheet that covers the back of my kneeboard. That way it’s protected and doesn’t move, I can write over it if I choose to do so and it’s very easy to get to by simply lifting my clipped sheets.

Why do I need this?

Have you ever been flying along and you decide the squelch needs adjusting but can’t for the life of you remember how? Yeah me too. With this, I simply flip up my clipped sheets and there’s a quick, easy to read guide on how to adjust it.

Have you been flying and need to communicate on one channel but monitor the stand by frequency (for many reasons)? Again, I have, especially when receiving a basic service approaching an airfield with a wish to gain some situational awareness well before reaching the airspace. This guide is handy for remembering how to do that.

Where can I download the FREE kneeboard back sheet?

You can download it here!

At time of writing, the frequencies, information and listening squawks were correct. Please apply your own due diligence before using in the cockpit though.

Buy a kneeboard

Kneeboards are available from the AirBourne Aviation online shop too.

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Disclaimer: This article was written for information only and was up to date at the time of writing. Please always ask a qualified instructor for more information and discuss airfield operations and the use of aircraft equipment with a suitably qualified person.