C42 Pilot Quiz – How will you do?

C42 Monthly Check of Understanding

With this lack of flying, we are all enduring, it is arguable that we are not getting the opportunity to flex our skills and knowledge as often as we would like.

So, we have brought the flexing to you with a simple and basic ‘check of understanding’, specifically for the C42 microlight pilot.

This was originally made for personal use and has been shared for wider consumption, so please, lower your expectations!

It is a simple quiz of just 13 questions, available online with multiple choice answers.

Here is an example of what to expect:

Example quiz question for C42 check of understanding

There are no scores, no points but it does indicate whether or not you have a question correct or incorrect and you cannot progress until you have the correct answer nailed.

It has been checked by a qualified instructor for accuracy but it is not intended as a training aid – it is just a fun, useful tool for checking your own knowledge.

Example quiz question for C42 check of understanding

It is available in Google Slides – click on the link below and then press “present” in the top right corner, which looks like the following:

Access the C42 check of understanding quiz here

Please enjoy and have a go. I have used this in the past as a quick and regular tool for just checking I still know the basics before I jump into the aircraft.

Until next time, be safe, stay at home and hopefully it won’t be too long before we get back in the air.

Disclaimer: This article was written for information and entertainment only and was up to date at the time of writing. Please always ask a qualified instructor for more information and discuss airfield operations and the use of aircraft equipment with a suitably qualified person.