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7 fun products and gift ideas for pilots

Can you believe we’re already nearly half-way through the year? I originally planned on doing this article because we were all still in the depths of lockdown but now (thankfully) it seems the light at the end of the tunnel is getting somewhat brighter.

With that in mind, an article concerning gifts or isolated entertainment may be more appropriate to weight towards that dreaded ‘C’ word. Christmas. I know, don’t worry, I won’t mention it again.

Here’s 7 fun things appealing to aviation lovers and pilots alike. Plus, some great ideas for those in your lives who are aviation inclined! They’re certainly all on my wishlist.

Personalised door (or hanger) sign

Available from Etsy – A rustic, custom hanger door sign

From £38

TheLiztonSighShop on Etsy

Hot Wings civilian aircraft

Who needs another toy Spitfire, am I right? Well, my son certainly wouldn’t agree although he, like me, find these civilian Hot Wings aircraft rather appealing. Available from FlightStore and just £7.95 each they’re quite fun looking. There are a few available including the Cessna 152, Cherokee and others. You can even get runways which clip together, control tower and hanger. Absolutely on the son’s Christmas list this year.

Runway hallway runner

I am desperately trying to convince the other half that we need one of these. I challenge any aviation lover not to smile at this one. Available from FlightStore and a Sportys brand it isn’t cheap at just under £80. But for less than an hour’s flying, it’ll get lots of use, get seen every day and be an excellent conversation starter! 25 inches wide by 60 inches long or for those of more metrically inclined, 63.5cm wide and 1.52m long.

Design4Pilots “Line up” board game

This one is a bit different and who doesn’t enjoy a good board game? Well, you can put away that well worn scrabble board, pop the Rummikub back in the cupboard and whip out this “Line Up” game suitable, apparently, for aviation enthusiasts between 6 and 99. Available from Design4Pilots for €25 or, as per current exchange rate at the time of writing, about £23.

T-shirts from Flyingraphics

They’ve been trading for some time and they’re product range just keeps growing and expanding. They have a stunning, I mean really stunning, selection of printed T-shirts ideal for the aviation enthusiast. The shirts themselves are nice quality as is the printing itself. Anything from around £12 upwards with a standard T-shirt being around £23. I especially like the Spitfire one below.

Shirts from a YouTube Eurofox pilot

One of several YouTube aviators I enjoy watching is an American chap called Trent Palmer. He owns what we would call a EuroFox (they call it a KitFox), he has his own airstrip outside the front of his house, flies drones for a living and can often be found dropping in and out of picturesque farm strips in the US. Nice, that’s the life. He does, however, have an interesting and unique selection of clothing available inspired by his aviation antics.

Ikarus C42 T-shirt

I’ve taken far too long to buy one of these. A unique shirt with a unique illustration of a fantastic aircraft that, at AirBourne Aviation, we are all very familiar with! Available from Amazon UK in various sizes with free delivery at £17.95. You can also find them in more colours on eBay too at the same price with free delivery.

Blood Red Skies

Blood Red Skies is a tabletop adventure game similar to other role playing games such as the classic Dungeons & Dragons. If you played that or enjoy the Warhammer games or similar, this might be for you. More long-winded than an average board game it does come with a wide variety of game ‘packs’ and lovely 1/100th scale models to use in your board game battlefield. Available from Warlord Games a base campaign set will set you back £65.

Bonus: Etsy Aeroplanes

Etsy is a great place to find unusual and unique products and it has some pretty special aviation orientated ones too. I’ve a few below that are specifically unusual and make great pieces for the desk, home office or gifts.