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28 Great Resources for studying all your NPPL exams

28 resources for studying for your NPPL exams

Studying for your NPPL exams involves a heavy amount of self-study. There are 5 you need to sit and pass at 75% each (6 if you include the radio exam too). Although at your flying school, much like we do at Airbourne Aviation, they can provide ground school, group classes and evening classes for you there’s still a lot for you to get your head around.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources that will be useful to you as a student to help study. We’ve broken them down into exam topic to make things even easier – know some more good ones? Let us know by getting in touch and we’ll update the article with your suggestion!

Air Law

  • AFE Air Law for microlight pilots – A excellent book which covers everything you need to know for both flying and passing the exam.
  • Skyway Code – Produced by the CAA this is a comprehensive and very well-presented document, printable, which includes everything a PPL pilot needs to know.
  • Quiz Aero – An online quiz tool to help you practice for the exam and test your knowledge. There are lots of others available for reasonable costs.
  • Island Microlight – A small scale Air Law practice exam that’s from Malta but has some good practice questions.
  • Air Navigation Order – The official air law documentation which is worth reading through.
  • Air Law from Trevor Thom – Great collection of books offering lots of detail. Good revision guide but make sure you get the latest version. Also worth checking Amazon and eBay for lower prices too.


  • Understanding flying weather – by Derek Piggott. Derek was a glider pilot from Lasham and this book is a must read for pilots. Clear, easy to understand and good examples for the south of the UK. Great practical application of advice too.
  • Trevor Thom Meteorology – Now bundled with Air Law this is an excellent book with lots of great graphics and detail.
  • YouTube Met videos – YouTube is chock full of great content for studying met. Many of them are aimed at a US audience so beware of that.
  • AFE Meteorology Revision Guide – Complete with excellent example test questions this series of books provide additional exam practice and key revision points.
  • Peak Soaring Met Guide – An old book from 1997 in PDF format although still relevant with lots of good info. Useful reference and learning tool.
  • Flyer forums – Forums are a great way to share and ask questions. The student pilot section of the Flyer forums are very active and contain lots of people willing to help and provide information. Also good for Air Law and other subjects but be sure you’re getting accurate information.

Human Factors/Performance

  • EASA Instructor Notes – A useful resource for learning, the instructor notes for teaching human performance and limitations. Links to YouTube videos inside too.
  • AFE Human Performance & Limitations Books – Both a study guide and a revision guide with great questions for exam practice. Available from other retailers also.
  • The Killing Zone – An interesting book concerning human factors and their influence on air accidents. Good for all round knowledge and awareness.
  • The Naked Pilot – Another human performance and limitations book on stories and real life examples from lessons learned.

Aircraft Technical

  • YouTube – There are lots of great videos on YouTube from learning the basics of flight, through to more advanced videos. Take time to look for appropriate videos to assist your learning.
  • AFE Microlight Pilot’s Handbook – Good detail about microlight technical knowledge tailored specifically for us microlight aviators.
  • Trevor Thom Technical Aeroplane – Again with the original Trevor Thom! This series contains some great diagrams, illustrations and in-depth information. It covers everything you need to know for the exam and more.
  • Practice questions – Some useful practice questions from a Malta based flying club.
  • PPL Tutor – Covering EASA exams this online tutorial or trainer has useful online resources and practice exams. Some exams and resources are free whereas others are at cost. Also available is a useful phone app.
  • Air Quiz – Also good for other subjects this is a great service. Great preparation for the exams with good (and regularly updated) practice questions. Very fairly priced at just £3 per subject.

Air Navigation

  • Air Cadet Publications – Although old, they still have great content in them and are accessible online. ACP 32 Volume 3 is ‘air navigation’ covering distance, speed time, triangle, 1 in 60 rule, compasses and weather. ACP 32 Volume 4 is ‘pilot navigation’ and covers units, flight planning, position fixing, map reading and further weather information.
  • Trevor Thom Air Navigation – Comes with an eBook bundled in but only suitable for Apple devices (Android under development apparently). Excellent all-round learning tool with tons of information and easy to use step by step guidance. WE also like the fact that the guidance is provided in more than one way too.
  • AFE Navigation Books – Both the study guide and the revision guide are great resources. The colourful illustrations help a lot with this subject.
  • The Slingsby Group VFR Navigation Series – A collection of PowerPoint presentations fantastically presented that walk through various elements of navigation and planning. Brilliant resources, UK orientated and perfect not only for learning in preparation for the exam but for cross-country practice and learning too.
  • YouTube videos – There are literally tons of videos on YouTube that are great for navigation training and exam preparation. There are lots of using the flight computer, PPL Navigation, flight planning in the UK and more planning using PLOGs and charts.
  • AirQuiz – Air quiz deserves another shout here as the practice exam questions for air navigation are great and we know have helped several of our students in the past in preparing for their exams. Again, very fair pricing and loads of questions, updated regularly with over 260 of them in their database for Air Nav alone.

Got some more?

Then let us know and it will help other budding pilots. We’ll happily update this article and credit you with suggesting it!

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