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Registered with the UK Civil Aviation Authority for flight training  (GBR.DTO - 0038)

Teaching you to Learn to Fly is our passion, and as one of the longest-running flight training schools in the UK, Airbourne Aviation has been successfully helping students fulfil their dream of becoming a pilot since 1980. We have built a reputation for being the most popular, successful and trusted flying school in the UK. Located at Popham Airfield (EGHP) in Hampshire, our flight training centre is open 364 days a year.

Uniquely equipped with a fleet of Comco Ikarus C42's and the worlds only manufacturer-approved Ikarus C42 flight training simulator.  Our team of passionate professional and patient instructors are ready to turn your dream of flight into reality.

Flight training starts at just £145.50 per hour in the air, and we offer a range of trial flights and gift vouchers.

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6 Aircraft & 6 Instructors

We operate a fleet of five Comco Ikarus C42 aircraft together with a Diamond Katana DA20 general aviation aircraft supported by six experienced, qualified and patient instructors.

Flight Simulator

We own and operate the worlds only manufacturer approved Comco Ikarus C42 flight simulator available 24 hours and day ensuring your flight training will progress quickly regardless of weather conditions. 

Open 364 days

We are operational 364 days a year, and with our online flight scheduling service you choose and book the dates and times that you want to fly.

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