Katana Conversion



The holder of a valid NPPL with Microlight Class Rating or UK PPL (M) licence without restrictions who wishes to obtain an SSEA Class Rating shall:

(a)       Produce the NPPL or UK PPL (M) Licence

  • Produce logbook evidence of currency on Microlight aircraft
  • Carry out such SSEA conversion training as is judged necessary by the FI(A) or CRI(SPA) conducting the training to achieve the required standard for the applicant to take the NPPL NST and GST in an SSEA. This training must include:

(b)       Complete not less than 1 hour of dual instrument appreciation

(c)       Complete 2 hours stall awareness/spin avoidance training

(d)       Complete differences training for Microlight pilots whose Microlight flying has been solely on flexwing aircraft.

(e)       Not less than the 32 hours required minimum total flight time for the NPPL with SSEA Class Rating, which may be a combination of both Microlight and SSEA flying.

  • Pass the JAR-FCL PPL (A) theoretical examination in Aircraft (General) & Principles of Flight
  • Hold a valid NPPL Medical Declaration or JAA Class 1 or 2 medical certificate
  • Pass the NPPL NST and GST in an SSEA.
  • Undertake a LAPL medical examination.

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