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Ikarus C42

Ikarus C42Priding ourselves as the leaders in microlight aviation, we were one of the first schools to offer training on the outstanding Ikarus C42.

This is a German microlight aircraft with a real go-places cruising speed of almost 100mph yet the ability to potter around in absolute safety at 45mph. Just think what this means... with its inbuilt heater you could be taking photographs over the Alps in your shirtsleeves on the way to Madrid or some other exotic clime yet with its removable doors, in the heat of the summer, you could also have a welcome cooling breeze flowing through your hair ... luxury in the extreme.

The very name 'German' automatically invokes the feeling of quality and perfection. Close scrutiny of this aircraft absolutely confirms that impression. Everything about it has the stamp of a real masterpiece of engineering. But not only that, its performance entirely matches its perfect looks.

Ikarus cockpitIts outward appearance is very much that of a modern light aircraft, yet it is equally at home in a rough field as it is on any smooth runway and its very short field take-off and landing performance allows you access to many places where a light aircraft with similar cruise performance wouldn't stand a chance.

Ikarus PanelWith its gull-wing doors and spacious interior, it has to be just about the easiest aircraft to get in and out of ... and once inside, it is Oh SOooooooo comfortable.

I could rabbit on all day about its virtues but you should check it out.

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