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IkarusIf you're getting fed up with rising costs, local airports closing and unnecessary regulation (who isn't?), the Sport revolution could re-ignite your passion for flying!

Our Sport aircraft offer inexpensive, fun flying with spacious heated cockpits, comfy seats and outstanding handling - and they're quite competent tourers, too, capable of carrying two average men (with luggage) to northern France in a single leg at speeds that rival or exceed most typical flying club rental aircraft.

Incredible STOL performance opens up a whole new world of farm strip flying, with 300+ fields in the UK alone (and thousands more across Europe) that are extremely challenging, if not completely inaccessible to most typical GA aircraft.

Eurostar  If you SHARE the cost of your flying with another person 

          you can fly our aircraft for as little as           

£59inc. VAT an hour !*

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* Cost sharing with another passanger/pilot