Gift Vouchers



Our gift vouchers are available to purchase either for use by yourself or as a fantastic gift for friends and family.* We offer three flight options, and all are sure to leave you feeling exhilarated. Flights are conducted by one of our fully qualified flight instructors and provide the opportunity for you to take control of the aircraft during the flight.

Operation Hawk (30 minutes) - £ 83.00

Operation Hawk is our entry level flight experience for those that have a limited budget or wish to experience a short introduction to the joy of flight while staying close to the airfield, enjoying the local Vista, snapping a few pictures or just being left speechless at the thrill and freedom of flight.


Operation Eagle (1 hour) - £143.00

For those with a passion for flight and want to get real hands-on experience of flying, then Operation Eagle is the perfect option for you. After a short safety briefing, you and your instructor will climb onboard one of our four, Comco Ikarus C42 microlights, then after zooming down the runway, you will quickly be soaring into the freedom of the sky. Once clear of Popham airfield, you will receive an invitation from your instructor to take the controls and undergo instruction on how to safely undertake the various aspects of learning to fly.


Operation Falcon (3 hours) - £299.00

Spread your wings further afield with our fantastic land-away package. With Operation Falcon you will gain a comprehensive insight into the world of recreational flying by spending an action-packed two hours of dual flight training in one of our C42 microlight aircraft and experience a landing away at another airfield. Here you will have a chance to discuss the world that awaits you as a future private pilot while enjoying a hot refreshment and a light bite to eat before returning to Popham. 



* Maximum fully clothed weight must not exceed 90kg in total.