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Eurostar EV97

Eurostar EV97Evektor teamEurostar

With its all aluminium monocoque construction and sleak lines the Eurostar is even more likely to be confused with a light aircraft than most microlights. Its performance doesn't make it any clearer either! Here is a microlight that can cruise comfortably at 100mph yet still manages to be able to fly as slow as 36mph. It needs less than 700m to land and less than 400m to take off and thats clearing a 50ft obstacle in both cases (50ft is the size of an average tree). Without any obstacles to contend with those figures drop to less than 275m and 205m respectively, now thats pretty impressive by anyones standards.

Eurostar CockpitWe're not the only ones to think highly of it, .in 2003 the airplane was voted as 'The aircraft of the year' by the readers of UK Pilot magazine and has become one of the best selling advanced microlights on the UK market since it passed the strictest European certification process - the UK's BCAR Section S -  in 2001. Recently the aeroplane was delivered to the Pilot Training Centre of the Czech Army for initial army pilots training. That's's very nearly a warbird!!

Eurostar Panel